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Thursday, January 18, 2007

hi all ( or anyone)
just an entry to past the time

i fell in love and fell flat on my face. i did stuff that people say i crazy. i hurt people like nobodys business. i lost a friend because of my stupidity, selfishness, my ego and my self-centeredness....

why am i so 'swei'(unlucky)(jinxed)

i really hate myself, everything about myself i hate. from top to bottom all i hate. i have everything to hate and nothing to love. i fell in love and end up hating to love again. making mistakes is my habit. i hate making it but i always do. some mistakes are repeated.....

keep saying sorry when i wrong people. to me i know saying sorry means nothing. the mistake has been done. no turning back. you can only hope and pray they forgive u and forget about it and carry on with life.

i cant carry on with my life...

do u think ending of life will do any good???

is it just an excuse to escape from it all???

will anyone regret that they did not get to know me better???

will anyone cry for me???

will anyone even care to show up at my funeral or even remember who i am???

fadzly? who ar? dont remember leh...

would anyone give me a second or another chance to redeem myself????

all questions... no answers.... or are they meant to be unanswered.???


Fadzly set up the umbrella @ 2 comments


Anonymous Islamway Best said...

wait!y is this comment pop up keeps disappearing?hee!

Anyway u'll be surpriseD!to the questions whether anyone will regret not knowing u better ? Yes i do regret if i dun cos ur so swit!

WIll any1 care to show up@ur funeral?InsyAllah i will !

Will any1 cry 4u? Yes i did wen i was emotional dat day. Hee!Thanks fadZ.Am really touched ur such a caring friend..Touched really.

Remember You are who ur..A true friend believes in U so do believe in urself.S long ur heart is sincere and full of PURITY ,u'll be blessed with Good things in life no matter how hard and long the journey takes. ;)

2:16 PM

Blogger razie said...

Certain questions are left for you to explore and answer them yourself. It may take forever but ending your life means you'll never have the answers to your quests. Rest assure you're not alone...

5:38 PM


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