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Monday, November 29, 2004

Same low feeling
Well now I am feeling the same low feeling that I haven't had in weeks. This low feeling I think was triggered by the responsibilities given by my uncle. I feel like I have to tell him that I cant do it. I lack the self motivation and self confidence to do all of it. I feel like I am doing it all by myself. He keeps pushing all the flyers and brochures to me. I was actually shocked when he pass me all that. Should I tell him that I cant do all that by myself? Tell him that I can only do the layout thing and maybe the coffee thing only? I will try to come out with a solution by tonight. Tomorrow morning I will come out if an answer. I hope. Sigh

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Song Playing Now ( Forever by Damage )
I don't know why I choose this song to play in my site. I had a hard time locating this song. Took me 1 week to look for it find a host for it sigh. I think only a few or 1 person know why I chose this song. It was a song which belong to my first ever relationship. That relationship is over. People might say why this guy still haven't gotten of it yet. I think I have gotten over it. I like to be reminded of the past. The past has been part of my life. I can never forget about it. All I can do is learn from it. I also know that the girl who knew me then will not see this. If she does she would have contacted me. The probability of she seeing this is 1 in a billion. That's what I think. She herself doesn't have an internet connection at home. So she wont check her email or other sites that often and I think she doesn't even know this site exist. The words in this song has meaning to me. If you listen closely you will know what I mean. Thats all. Sigh.

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