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Monday, November 22, 2004

Him (230404)
There's something unique about him. I dont know what it is. Is it his name? Is it his smile? Is it his body? Is it his personality? Is it his family? What? I feel I will know him for a very long time. I dont mind doing anything for him, why is that? Am I attracted to him as a friend or brother or what? I will really miss him when he leave Echo. Sigh.

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20th Obese Batch 230404
Now marks the start of my new batch eventhough I have passed 2 days of enlistment. I dont know what I am feeling now. Its like tired, sian, boring, muscle-aching and also a bit anxious.Sigh

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Friends Yesterday (220404)
Sometimes I just hate my life. Those friends thats I know for sometime already will be embarking on their own journey soon. I wont get to see them again or maybe even never. I have been experiencing this since I started my poly life after my secondary school life. All the things we did together, the things we shared together all will be memories soon. Sigh.

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HER (140404)
Today is the day when I realise one thing. I think I miss her. When my friends around me talk about their girlfriend, I feel a pinch. When I go out, in an MRT, saw couples together some mix couples I also feel a pinch. Why? I want to forget about her but I cant. Why? Is it true I am destined to be with her and no one else? I dont like this feeling. This sad or regret feeling. I hate this feeling. Sigh. Sadness make me feel so down like I want to cry but I cant.Sigh. M****E **E. Do I need her? Whats wrong with me? Do I need help? How do I forget her? Who do I go to? What must I do? Sigh.

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Field Camp (250204)
Today is the second field camp of this batch. Second day of the field camp. Huh. Sigh. What a life man. The beginning of the day was just normal, but when it came to the practise session, it was something new. After some practise, the platoon had a mini sing and dance session. The songs they sang and dancing was somehthing I didnt expect. After that a mini photo taking session. When they sang the songs and dance, emotions came running through me. I dont knowwhy. The photo session was another thing. It made me think of my past. I dont know why.

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New BF (200204)
Today she told me she has a new boyfriend. I was somehow not shocked. I dont know why. Is it because I have no feeling for her already? Cannot be . Wish her all the best. Good luck. Feeling low as usual. As my favourite quote goes." Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before"

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