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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

At Last A Blog! ( 30-10-06 )

This will by my first blog in awhile. I had always wanted to Blog but guess was either too busy or too tired. All excuses. I really am tired of excuses. I dont care whether the reasons are valid or not, it is still an excuse. Especially this one girl I knew. Everytime I ask her something thru sms, she will either reply late or never reply untill I ask her again than she will maybe reply. I really hate her for this. But I try to forgive and forget cause I kind of 'like' her. I guess people change. I am not afraid to say her name cause I know she will not have the time to come to my Blog or even go online. All excuses! Her name is xxx. Someone I knew from friendster whom I thought could be the one for me. But it was not meant to be. You can be busy, or tired or forgetfull but don't expect me to believe that you are busy, tired or even forgetfull 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. That's a bit impossible for me to believe. If you can be than I salute you. The last straw for me was when I asker her, thru sms if I said I loved her, what would her reply be. I sent her this message the night before. OK she was asleep at that time. I waited till the next morning when she woke up, which was around 6am+, for her reply. I didnt get any reply. So I decided to ask her again, but this time i said that she might be too busy or forgot to reply or still thinking about the question. She replied to this sms saying she is still thinking about it. Untill this present time and date I have not received her reply. The night after she replied she was thinking about it, I sms her telling her i am assuming the worse and she doesnt love me and said my goodbyes. Still No Reply! I was a bit mad that time, so I sent her another sms saying I hate her and I will not be contacting her anymore. And Still No Reply to Any of My SMS. Well fine than. I give up on her. Till this day I have not received any SMS from her, or message from anywhere or a call from her. Dont expect a call from me too. If you guys think I should call her and ask the reason, Sorry xxx. Guess you will be happier without me Goodbye xxx.

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