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Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Friend 030206
A friendship has been damaged a few days ago. It all began when I did something that I was not supposed to do. On that day I real feel very bad and I needed to tell some1 the problem but I didnt dare to tell the person straight in the face, instead I told some1 else. This person that I have a problem with found out about it. I dont know how he found out about it but I could only guess. After he found out he kept avoiding me and ignoring me for quite some time. I keep asking him why is he acting like so. At last he told me that he found out I talk bad about him behind his back. Now he say he cant trust me anymore. I really didnt expect this outcome. This was the 2nd time. The 1st was a secret that really slipped my tongue. The 2nd time is worse. Well i think i really lost it this time. I dont care if he blame me for what I have done. I deserve it. He say next time just go straight to him if the problem concerns him, dont go to any1 else. Even after he says that i feel he is still avoiding me. I dont know what to do now. So i try to not think too much about it but I have to write here. After i apologize to him, he told me no need to msg him so often. He say dont be a gay like that. Wah. Well. Whatever you want to say it's up to you. Dont care liao. Friends are friends that's all. I have myself to think about. If you want to avoid me its up to you. I dont care liao. Waste my time and mood to think about it. Edwin if you are reading this, i apologize again. If you think I act like a gay than so be it. I dont care. I just want you to know i treasure friendship very dearly. I will do anything morally possible for a friend. I will try to avoid you as much as i can. No use i smile at you and you frown back at me or no expression at all. Friends are friends only. You take care. This time no sigh too. :-)

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Karaoke 030206 Today i went out with friends for Karaoke. I didnt know why i wanted to go, i just feel i need to go. I dont want to go home so early since my previous appointment was canceled. The Karaoke was a last minute thing. I feel bad when i told them i want to go. We only had 1 car to fit 6 person. 2 in front, 4 behind. Behind was very squeezy. If i didnt go, they would be more comfortable. I hope they dont mind. I did enjoy the session some what. Thanks guys. Even if i didnt sing as well as any of them, hope they dont mind. Thanks again. No sigh today.

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