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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Life, Love??? 10/08/09
At last a post after so long, to a blog where rarely anyone visits....

Why cant I find someone to love and she will love me back in return. I am 27 this year, most of my friends are either married, engaged or already have someone in mind...

Why must I fall in love with XXX who loves me back but is in love with a YYY at the same time.

Is this my fate? To be sad always and see others happy. Why me? I suck in love, dating, courting, finding a gal and all... I hate it. What should I do now?

I keep giving people advice but when i need advice why cant I accept what other people tell me?? Is it because I already know will become of me? I will be alone, miserable while he and the gal live happily ever after. Do I have to believe in that or do I have to choose another path, that will lead me somewhere else?

I have work issues,friends issues, family issues, money issues.... Everyone in the world has these issues, I am no different, am I??? I dont think so...

Leaving is the hardest part.

No one I am comfortable with, is here to support me. For sure I am a man, but cant men be weak. Men must have Ego Blah Blah Blah.... Where is Mine?

The Gals I know so far, are either too far, have just gotten out of an engagement or not ready to be in a relationship yet or scared to be in one as she was scared from too many bad incidents or even are married but not happy with the marriage itself...

I have been to many websites, ask friends to recommend, cruising around but to no avail.. hmmmm....

Should I just give up or just carry on with what I am currntly doing now or do something else??? What EWLse should I do? hmmm.

I have told XXX what XXX needs to know. How i feel, but I not sure if its the reaction i expect from XXX. Seems to me XXX is always forgetting, which XXX admits to it, always tired from XXX work which may drag XXX late late-nights and early the next morning need to rush to work as sometimes XXX woke up late...

I love XXX because of XXX heart, XXX care for XXX family and XXX cuteness.... I am still in the dark about why XXX loves me......... Will i know one day???

I will put this in my blog, for those of you who know me and read this please don't get shocked... This is me....

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