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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MY Uni/Exgf Dream on 05/06/07
To Reader,
Last night I had one of the strangest dreams. I went to this University in Cairo I think with my ex gf. When we went there, we were suppose to go to the main auditorium hall lah. but before that we were suppose to put our bags in a closet in a particular room. we went into the room and was surprised to find the closet way was blocked by piles of books and papers. we asked the people in the room how are we going to get to the closet. he answered you have to climb on top of the piles of books and papers to reach it. without delay i and my ex gf took off our slippers and climbed onto the piles of books and papers to reach the closet. once there, we open the door, hung our bags inside and made our way back to the exit of the room. after we exit the room, we walked to the auditorium door. just before reaching the door, i accidently tripped my gf and she stumbled to regain balance. once she is stable back on the two feet she turned around and scolded me than she walked away from me in anger heading outside of the University and into the desert. i followed her and tried to explain to her it was an accident. she didnt listen and walked even faster while mumbling something. when i finally caught up with her, i grabbed her arm to stop her but she tripped over some stones on the ground and scratched her feet. the scratches at her feet were bleeding abit and she turned around and scolded me even more furiously this time. the shrugged me off and ran into the crowds. by this time i think it was after 8pm.. as i ran after her, i looked around at my surroundings, i realise i was walking through a cemetary. there were many small humps on the ground with tablets in each one of them. i think these were the graves of young kids. i thread carefully while saying excuse me when i pass each hump...... after that i woke up... pheeeew what a dream.... Fadzly

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