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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Badminton *280206*
Today I played badminton as usual. Do I have to sigh Everyday? Why cant I just laugh or smile most of the time. I know life has its ups and downs, from what I can see its mostly down. Name me one thing that shows the upside of life is coming...............still waiting. Even playing badminton now doesnt make me feel good. Tomorrow I will be doing OT, my mood will be even worse, especially before and during the receiving. I hate this feeling, I really do. Nothing can cheer me up. Nothing. As u all know my friendship with Edwin has been disolved. i am too tired of try my best to make up for what I have done. There's a malay saying that goes " Nasi Dah Jadi Bubuh". The rice has become porridge. Its an irreversable thing. I have already apologize to him and hope things will be back to normal but not at all. So from now on I will do all I can to avoid him physically at work and try not to communicate with him at all. Since theres no feeling of friendship between us, why should i do all the worrying when the other party doesnt give a shit for what I have done for him. If he still remembers what we did in our Poly Life maybe he will understand. But I doubt so he will. I have known him since poly and helped him then. He usually hangs out with the malay guys. Why? Because the chinese guys dont want him near them at all. huh. Since now he got to start a new with his chinese friends at work, he forget about the may guys liao. Thats life. once u have what u want, you forget about who are the ones who helped you get it. Goodbye Edwin. Hope I dont talk to you or have any contact with you at all. You Ass!

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